Feb 01 2012

Making my introductions…

Erm, Hi! I’m the new girl at the party and I just wanted to introduce myself over all the roaring and clamouring. My name’s Helen and I’m a North East based writer. I’d love to say I’m born and bred in the North East but I’d be telling a little fib. And my Mum told me I should never lie.

That's me. It's nice to put a face to a name, isn't it?

I’m bred here though, since the age of seven, so I hope that qualifies me as a North East lass. And if a love of everything about the area is enough for you all then I definitely have that in spades.

Anyway, I’m here (on this blog) as a new contributor hoping to share some insights into the local business scene. I run my own business and can frequently be found talking blether (and occasionally spouting and sharing some useful stuff) on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. If you’re ever around, please look me up – I’d be delighted for the company! I’ll be promoting useful events, talking to knowledgeable and fantastic business people and throwing in the occasional book review from local authors to catch you off guard.

Looking forward to it already – please do come back and visit sometime, I’d hate to get lonely…


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  1. Emma Thornhill

    Best of luck……I’m hooked already!

    1. HelenInthedetail

      Thanks Emma! You’re too kind!

  2. Louise Donaghy

    Hi Helen! Bred here is more than enough :o) I’ll look forward to reading what you have to say!

    1. HelenInthedetail

      Thanks Louise! Glad you’ll be back for more… 🙂

  3. Stephen Lambert

    Hi Helen,

    I believe we are forwarding you our book to review. Looking forward to it!!!

    Speak Soon


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