Sep 18 2013

An Uncanny Production making its way to Washington, 10 Oct


Leeds-based Uncanny Theatre are creating and touring a brand new work this autumn, thanks to funding through the Arts Council, and are making their way to Washington Arts Centre on Thursday 10 October.

Instructions for a Better Life is part thriller and part comedic romp through human psychology. In contrast to their last piece, Optimism, which used new digital technology, Instructions for a Better Life is endearingly low tech – using old school technology such as overhead projectors. Visually arresting and absurdly funny this new show sheds light on some of our more bizarre human behavior in an attempt to unpick the oddity of superstitious thinking.

Why do we ‘touch wood’? Salute magpies? Avoid walking under ladders or opening umbrellas indoors?

The show is supported by stage@leeds, Oval House & East Street Arts and will be touring to 14 venues across the UK with 16 Performances. Iain Bloomfield, Artistic Director of Bradford Theatre in the Mill, dubs Uncanny’s work as ‘Unfailingly funny and inventive with just enough darkness to make for something a great deal more than just a belly laugh, although there are those aplenty.’

Uncanny are incredibly excited to bring their new show to Washington

Instructions for a Better Life will perform at Washington Arts Centre on Thursday 10 October, tickets can be bought online at www.artscentrewashington.co.uk or by calling 0191 219 3455.

Tour Dates

03/10/2013                stage@leeds , Leeds, PREMIER

08/10/2013                The Maltings Theatre, Berwick Upon Tweed

10/10/2013                Arts Centre Washington, Washington

17/10/2013                The Bierkeller Theatre, Bristol

18/10/2013                Mumford Theatre, Cambridge

24/10/2013                Capestone Theatre, Liverpool

30/10/2013                The Hawth Theatre, Crawley

06/11/2013                The Met, Bury

07/11/2013                Create Theatre, Mansfield

19/11/2013                Colchester Arts Centre, Colchester

21/11/2013                South Hill Park Arts Centre, Braknell

27/11/2013                The Cast, Doncaster

29/11/2013                Camden People’s Theatre

30/11/2013                Camden People’s Theatre

06/12/2013                Theatre In The Mill, Bradford

Website:                     www.uncannytheatre.co.uk

Facebook:                   www.facebook.com/UncannyTheatre

Twitter:                      twitter.com/UncannyTheatre


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