May 17 2012

Break Free From Your Addictions, Find The Path to Self Mastery


What Are Your Addictions?

We live in a world where everything is moving so fast that if you blink you would miss something.

The people in it have totally lost the ability to be self aware, to understand that they are in charge of their own reality instead of coasting along not realising that they have the ability to change anything they want to. Too many times things are just accepted, aches and pains, poor sleep, headaches etc are written off as “life” or getting old. What they don’t realise is that if they just stopped and thought about themselves and how they are living their lives they would realise that they are responsible for how they look and feel and they also have the power to change it if necessary.

How can people change the world, when they cannot even change themselves? They think power comes from accumulating wealth or acquiring material posessions, whilst in reality if they looked closer to home they would realise the the power they seek is within them. Everything you can achieve starts with you and only you. Mastering yourself is the way to unlocking your true potential.

There is a verse from the Hindu Bible the Bhagavad – gita that says:

“Live the self by the self, never let the self droop down, the self is the self’s only friend, the self is the self’s only enemy”

What does that mean?

it means that true power comes from you and you have the ability to harness it. It also says that you are the only person who can hold yourself back. There is no one to blame but yourself. So the next time you catch yourself blaming someone or something else, realise this; you are giving power your away to them, why would you do that? why would you let someone else have a hold over you? Think about it, if you accept the responsibility then it is within you to sort it out. If you beleive it is someone elses fault how can you ever resolve it and move on?

Find Your Path

The path to self mastery is to start with your palette. what you eat, drink, ingest, read, hear, and who you are influenced by has a massive impact on who you are and what you do.

Master what you eat and drink, this is paramount,  you are what you eat. If you put rubbish in, guess what comes out?

 If you want to have a fullfilling life you must become aware of your own addictions, recognise them and take action to change!

Do not indugle in excess if you want to be successful and live a happy fulfilling life. Realise what you are taking in on your television, in the papers and radio. The news for example is massively negative. If you watch doom and gloom all day (which is what you will be doing, as the media knows that tragedy sells) then guess how you will be feeling. You are masssively influenced by what you take in. Your whole reality is based on what you are taking in on a daily basis.

You literally are what you eat, drink and watch on television, listen on the radio and who you hang around with on a daily basis. If they are negative, then you need to change it because you will feel the affects. Why would you want to willingly feel like this?

Food is the major addiction of many people in this modern world, however many people are incomplete denial that it is an addiction.

I mentioned our influences before, well food can be thought of as our first influence. Control of your food is vital to being fit and healthy. As you may have heard many times before, you are what you eat, food is taken apart and it becomes you. You know that if you put deisel in a petrol engine then it will break it. It is the same with the food that you consume, however why are people still surprised that when they continue to put rubbish in their mouths that they feel rubbish and fall ill or when they drink Alcohol (a poison) or listen to negative information that they feel down and out?

Incorrect eating will lead to stress as the body tries to deal with all the poor nutrition choices. And when the body is stressed it shuts down and this can cause real damage due to the amount of hormones released, which are detrimental to your health.

All addictions are controlling and dis-empowering. they talk to you subtley at first, tell you moderation is good, just have a little bit, you have had a hard day, you have earned it, who’s gonna know, you deserve a treat. However as the addiction grows it becomes a war of attrition to try and control it. The inner voice that started off encouraging you is now in full control telling you anything and everything to get what it wants.

How many of you just give up and eat bad foods because they cannot be bothered to make anything healthy and so reach for the takeaway menu? most people aren’t even aware of it and would think that it is their choice, but in reality it isn’t. It is your addiction to food that is controlling.

The same with drink, I have had many mates who use a hard days graft any night of the week as an excuse to drink. Now we all know about alcohol and you can have a great night out every now and then, but every night??

There are too many people out there claiming to be experts in training and nutrition and these are the same people who do not practice what they preach. Life gets in the way. but let me ask you this. How can you be an expert at something, and try to help people when you cannot master the basic principles yourself?

So whats the answer?

Stop feeding you addictions, remove their power and they will shrivel up and die, but also remember that addictions are cunning and will not go without a fight. Be aware at all times, do not let them back in! You have to be strong on all fronts and just like any other habit they will go and be replaced be another better one.

Start be addressing your food and drinking habits. If you are overweight then, remove all the garbage you are eating, write down everything and start making adjustments be eating healthier, natural foods. Drink more fresh water and less tea, coffee and fizzy drinks.

Stop watching the news or sensationalism programs and start feeding your mind with inspirational programs. Read more motivational and inspirational things instead of what celebrity has had what done, who cares!!

Look at the company you keep, are they dragging you down? Be brutally honest! if they are, look at gradually finding people who are more engaging and not gossip mongers who are an extension of the news on TV.

Change can be scary and uncomfortable, but they are only feelings that cannot harm you. When you change everything around you will change. Take control of your life and don’t worry about the people around you adjusting, work on yourself and by becoming more self aware, controlling your food, removing addictions and bad habits you will find that you will Shine.

 Lets all shine together

 Take Care