Dec 05 2014

Issue 11: Top Festive Social Media Articles


I’d like to share with you my top 3 social media articles this week on how to increase interaction on your social media and market your business during the Christmas festive period.

1. 4 Festive Tips for Holiday Social-Media Marketing

Make the most of the Christmas festive period to promote and get exposure for your business or products. This article describes 4 festive tips to get results from your social media posts this Christmas.

2. 10 tips for marketers using social media to increase user engagement

10 very useful ideas to market your social media this Christmas period. With ideas from focusing on your audience to networking face to face.

3. 9 GREAT Facebook Posts Your Business Can Use Today!

This article describes 9 easy and quick ideas for Facebook posts you can start using today. From company announcements, sharing others content, replying to questions…give them a try!

Best of luck with your marketing this Christmas!

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