Jan 30 2013

Exposure Sunderland ‘Illuminate Your Business’, SOL, March 6th

Exposure Sunderland ‘Illuminate Your Business’

Wednesday 6th March 2013

10am – 4pm

Stadium of Light, Sunderland

Exposure Events organise business and trade events across the United Kingdom and we’re trend setters and innovators.

Whether you’re attending as a delegate, an exhibitor or a sponsor we make sure you have a great day and get the most for your business.

If your business needs an event delivered to the highest standards or you want to join us at one of our own events, we’d love to see you. Check out our latest schedule of events or drop us an email if you’d like any further information.

At our event at the Stadium of light Wednesday 6th March we have a series of Free Seminars and Networking, see below.

Seminars @ Exposure

(Get your FREE sessions booked right now spaces are limited)

10.30am   Let’s Fire Up Our Business

Getting motivated to go to work is one thing but stepping up to become a real leader is another. Being a man who’s seen service with HM Forces and the Police Service Tony Green (not the commentator from Bullseye!) is the main man with the key steps you need to take to walk the walk.

11.30am   15 Reasons to use Twitter for Business

Get the inside track on what’s going down with Twitter by joining Sarah Raad from TENT Marketing. Sarah will be giving insider secrets on how to get ahead in plain no jargon language.

12.30pm   Fit to Drop or Fit to Work?

Martin Whitaker the guru of fitness explains that with over 150 million working days lost last year through sickness and Ill health equating to 6 days per working adult are you Fit to Drop or Fit to Work? In this 40 minute workshop you’ll learn how making simple changes to your lifestyle will not only improve your health but also that of your family and employees. Improved health not only means less sickness and illness but also more energy, more confidence, less stress and a 30% increase in your productivity – keeping you, Fit to Work!

1.30pm   Public Relations is more than just a Press Release

If you’ve wondered who gets in print and why your story isn’t front page news then hack into this talk from a guru of PR who’ll share the secrets of success and the pitfalls many businesses make without even realising it. Join Keith Newman of Highlights PR to get the low down.

2.30pm   Web Design without the Waffle

If you’re sick of wondering what SEO is, how to manage a CMS site, embedding widgets and generally getting the plain English whole truth then this session is essential ! You can even ask questions and see if your web developers have you in their net or are building your future success. Richard Young of LSC Web Services is in the hot seat for this one.

3.30pm   Clean Up your Phone Selling

Growing your business means either getting more from your existing customers or finding new customers with telesales often being the chosen way. Nevil Tynemouth of New Results Training tells you how to tackle telemarketing and things you can work on to improve your appointment generation whilst cleansing your database.

Networking @ Exposure

(Get your FREE sessions booked right now spaces are limited)

10.30am   Speed Networking in Quinn’s Bar

Meet and connect with 30 people in under an hour with high paced speed networking. Make sure you bring your business cards and perfect your 30 second presentation.

12.30pm   Round Table Networking

Want to tell everyone about your business and make some new connections? Join us for round table networking and share your one minute of banter with 7 others before doing it all again one two other tables. Rock up with your leaflets at the ready.

3.30pm   Mussel Club Networking Mingle in Quinn’s Bar

At the end of the day you want a pint, a cuppa and a bit of craik. Get along to the masters of mingling and networking and join this Mussel Club session in Quinn’s Bar.

**Once you’ve reserved a Free General Admission Ticket you’ll be able to pick which seminar and networking sessions you’d like to attend.**

Exhibit @ Exposure

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