Feb 26 2016

Issue 19: Top Social Media Articles of the week

I’d like to share with you my top 3 social media articles this week on facebook new like reactions, twitter advice and how to create engaging images for social media.

1. Facebook Officially Expands Beyond the Like With Reactions

Yes, facebook have finally given in to the demand and provided us with extra options to the ‘like’ button. We now have Love, Haha, Wow, sad and angry. Love is signified by a heart symbol while the rest are animated emoji. Just hover your cursor over the ‘like’ button for the new options to appear. See an example below on our #Caringforkian and Simon Cowell facebook post.


2. 10 Reasons Your Followers Will Leave Your Brand on Twitter

So, you are working hard to build up your twitter following, following others, retweeting others etc, but how do you keep these followers for the long run? This article highlights the top 10 reasons your followers may start to unfollow you, from not being active enough to being too overactive, you don’t respond…check them out, a great read!

3. How to Create Engaging Images for Social Media

The saying is a picture can paint a thousand words! This is very true when it comes to promote your business and brand through images. Read this article to get advice on how to make really engaging images for your audience.

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