Jul 17 2012

Help Fitness Camp Academy Support The Race For Life

Today’s post is a little different from normal, over the weekend I had a thought – wouldn’t it be an awesome idea if we at the Fitness Camp Academy could do something for charity, then I thought Race For Life! Now if you know me you’ll know I’m really not a fan of running – I mean it’s not the best form of exercise if weight loss is your goal but hey, this is for charity right?

Then I realised, I’m a guy so I’m not allowed to do it! So I spoke to fellow Fitness Camp Academy trainer Lauren Sutherland, like me she’s not a fan of running either but decided she’d put herself out there and get outside of her comfort zone on Sunday 2nd September and do the Newcastle Race For Life.

So there’s still nothing special about this blog post right? I mean thousands of women and girls do the Race For Life. Then we came up with this, our way we here at The Fitness Camp Academy can help to raise money for and support a cause which has touched all of our lives at some point.

So here’s the deal  …the most important part!

Lauren and I will donate 100% of the training fee paid to us by any NEW members to our August Fitness Camp who decide to participate in the Race for Life with us as part of our FCA Team.

So, if you or anyone you know anyone is doing the Race For Life in Newcastle this September, and needs to step up their training – please send them to Fitness Camp Academy at either Sunderland (Seaburn), Newcastle or North Tyneside, if for no better cause than to have their membership donated to charity while getting in to great shape and improving their health and fitness in time for the event.

If you or anyone you know are interested please drop a message to me, and I’ll get more information to you.






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