Jan 23 2015

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ways for your north east business to save money

This week we caught up with Robert Docherty for a chat about his new company Pelegrin Limited and how he can help north east businesses become more efficient and make annual savings.

You can apply for a FREE Efficiency Assessment (See Below) for your North East Business or Company. Start saving money!
Robert, tell us a little about your background and why you decided to set up your own business?

I have worked within Private and Public Sector office administration for over twenty five years. The latter fifteen of these years were in a management role. I set up Pelegrin Limited to bring to companies, robust and highly efficient administrative processes by eradicating inefficient working practices.

What is focused business mapping and how can it help businesses and companies?

Process mapping is a specific and integral project which encompasses all front-line office administration processes and procedures. It can be beneficial to companies who have a large customer base and a wide variety of working practices. Process mapping can involve radical change in office processes and on occasion, staff behaviour.

What kind of businesses are you looking to work with?

We can assist any company that employs five office-based staff or more. But, essentially, we work with companies who employ twenty staff or more within an office environment.

What is involved in an efficiency assessment?

A business efficiency assessment entails an analytical inspection of the company’s complete front-line operation within a comprehensive Project Plan. Training Needs Analysis as efficiency begins with properly trained staff.

Finally, without giving too much away, can you please provide us with a top tip for businesses to help them with their efficiency?

A good tip for improving office efficiency is to create an online, categorized document library.

How can people contact you?

They can apply for a free efficiency assessment with form below, email, or phone 01661 831874 / 07703 422156. You can also visit my website


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  • For companies / businesses with 5 or more staff

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