Mar 12 2012

Hair: 3 Very Different Northeast Businesses!

As well as loving music and comedy, a bit of theatre and generally gadding about the Northeast, I like doing mad things with my hair. Most of the year I blend in quite well and no one would know my strange hair habits. But then the summer festivals come along. I’ve discovered a couple of festivals: Infest in Bradford, and Amphifest in Cologne, where one is expected to make a bit of effort with one’s hair.  The music is alternative, the fashions are weird and the hair is weirder. So, I need different hairdressers for different jobs. I’m going to introduce 3 hair businesses in this blog, two I have used, the other one I would if I had the right occasion.

Hair Mechanics

First of the three is Hair Mechanics, 57-58 Thornton Street, Newcastle. I can always get a really good cut there, and they know I’m not afraid to push my follicular boundaries and don’t lumber me with the “house cut”. You know the one all the trainees have as you walk though the door of a big salon…whatever you ask for it will look like that.  Maybe just me. Not at Hair Mechanics. They take time to get to know you (more than just where you are going on holiday, but that as well), your personality will reflect in your hair as you leave. So don’t hold back…ask for what you really want! Hair Mechanics don’t limit their expertise to your hair, however. There is a wide range of beauty treatments available. Nail beautification treatments such as “geleration” which lasts 3 to 5 weeks could give you long-lasting pretty piggies or fingernails.

Hair Mechanics won the “Most Loved Business in Newcastle” award for the second year running this year. As someone who was before  a serial switcher of hairdressers, I can say I have been going back to Jesko’s Hair Mechanics for about 5 years. I used to think of hairdressers as something akin to dentists. Hair Mechanics finally made me comfortable.

As a special deal to North East Hub Blog readers, Hair Mechanics are offering a free file and polish with any service or combination of service worth over £30. A file and polish would normally cost £10. Deal available until 12th April 2012.


Urban Halo

Another of my favourite people to pander to my more alternative moments is Anna of Urban Halo. Anna specialises in dreadlocks. But her talents don’t stop there. At Urban Halo you can completely change your image by adding real or synthetic dreads and braids from a wide range of colours. You can just add a few streaks of colour to your hair, a few braids to brighten it up, or go the whole hog like I did for my last visit to Amphifest and get a full head of synthetic braids.(that’s the back of my head in the pic, black and red!) If you have piercings, Anna’s got a range of  “body mod” items for all those pierced body bits! Life’s too short for boring hair.

Contact Anna through Facebook:  Spring Deal! Anna is offering 10% off her goods and services if you quote “NEBlog” until the end of April 2012.


Arachnia by D’Liscious

My final, well she’s less of a hairdresser, more hair artiste, Trixie D’Liscious is a successful burlesque performer and alternative model who has now started her own business, Arachnia making avant garde couture wig creations for art installations, performers, drag acts, concept photoshoots and catwalk. If you know someone who needs something really different for a photo shoot or a fashion show, Trixie is your lady. Contact her via her Facebook


I hope you are now feeling inspired to do something new with your image. Whether it’s a snazzy new cut and colour and some nail or beauty treatments, or something a little more out of this world, the North East has something for everyone.