Apr 17 2012

Holiday Dreams… Bikini ready

So three weeks ago the weather in Newcastle was amazing. Everyone went to do their panic summer buys. Factor 50+ and sun blockers were out. Every day was glorious for about week or so. Then sudden reality check and we are back to the cold weather.
This is the time where we are all online or at the holidays agency and trying to choose somewhere nice and WARM.
I think we are all in a great need of re-charging our batteries.
I have booked my holidays last September and I am going next month woop woop!!
Of course now I need all my holiday clothes and to be honest I don’t really need that much.
If I have couple of bikinis, shorts, vests and couple of dresses I am more then happy. I am not one of them people who have a huge suitcase full of costume jewellery with each bikini and outfit. I am going to sizzle on the sun like a burger in McDonalds lol. Swim in the sea and the pool.
Second huge factor to our holidays is diet and looking good in your bikini.
Well, I don’t really panic, I eat healthy but now I just skip the naughty parts of Twix (yum yum).
It makes me so sad to see all the glossy magazines full of diets and crash diets to look “good” in a bikini.
I wish people will just start to eat healthy and have this as a part of their lives rather then special occasion.
My tip is eat as much veg as you like, plus fish,chicken and eggs. Don’t forget to snack on nuts and apples, time to time banana. I love salad and chicken I just cant stop eating it and ohhh yess I love zumba 🙂
I don’t want to be skinny I just want to feel great in myself. Happy Healthy Bunny 🙂
I bought two lovely bikinis white and very light turquoise. So far I feel good and happy in them but small improvements could be made. Here is a picture of my holidays!! Motivation Motivation thats what I say 🙂
I will keep you guys informed how things are going.

Next blog will be about summer clothes, what is the best for nice weather.