Sep 27 2012

How to Make Your Website Successful!

Website success made easy

Walk around any North East city or town centre and you will find a depressing number of closed businesses, a tragic testament to the downturn in the UK economy. This is compounded by the on-going growth in e-commerce resulting in Jed Wylie’s book, ‘Make Your Website Sell’ being essential reading for any business, regardless of it being high street or web-based.

As Managing Director of a top UK web design company, Jed Wylie spent five years researching the best online techniques used by the most successful e-commerce companies. His findings are explained in ‘Make Your Website Sell’ providing a wealth of advice and a practical step-by-step strategy to create online success.

You don’t need to be an IT expert or marketing guru to understand and implement these strategies and Wylie is to be commended for making good use of humour to ease the reader through what could have been a very heavy read. I only hope that other authors take note.

‘Make Your Website Sell’ provides a 9-step strategy with key tips including:

  1. Turning your website visitors into customers: by offering discounts if they order on-line and free to enter competitions as 99% of website visitors leave without doing anything tangible. However, using a range of free incentives (at minimal cost) in exchange for your visitor’s contact details can have a significant impact upon your conversion rates.
  2. Generating additional website traffic: by experimenting with multiple channels including search engine optimization (SEO), joint ventures, affiliation with other organisations, blogging and using social media such as Twitter and Facebook.
  3. Developing a coherent Internet marketing strategy: focusing on the benefits your product or service offers to customers using the AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) marketing technique.  Although web designers create commercially successful websites, they are not experts in promoting your business. This remains your responsibility as a website cannot promote itself. 
  4. Google: few businesses exploit the potential of Google despite it handling 4.5 billion monthly searches and accounting for over 90% of the UK search market. Google Adwords can be used to display relevant adverts when keywords are typed into their search engine. In addition, Google Analytics provides free access to website performance data, including the pages visited, how long visitors stayed and sales that people made upon visiting your website.

Wylie underpins this goldmine of information with his unique Profit Calculator to benchmark your marketing activity to ensure you achieve the best return for your efforts.  This provides a tried and tested routeway to online success, underpinned by practical ideas and simple how-to guides dedicated to increasing online profitability.

Across the globe consumers and businesses are increasingly using the Internet to find suppliers of products and services, thus placing websites at the heart of e-commerce. By applying the strategies within ‘Make Your Website Sell,’ your business can start accessing the global marketplace and improve profitability – today.

Source: ‘Make Your Website Sell’ by Jed Wylie
Published by Marshall Cavendish Business and available from


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