Apr 24 2015

Issue 14: Top Social Media Articles of the week


I’d like to share with you my top 3 social media articles this week on Top NE influential twitter accounts, Google mobile-friendly rewards and twitter ‘direct message all’ option.

1. TOP Influential north-east twitter accounts

In the study carried out by Lissted’s Adam Parker over 20K north-east twitter accounts were analysed and put into 10 groups including, blogger, media, celebrity, twitter networking and promotion, person, small biz….! The aim was to cut out the ‘noise’ created in twitter and find out which accounts are having an actual high influence over the north-east community.

I was delighted to see The North East HUB come 3rd and NEFollowers 12th!

Are you in the top 250?

2. Responsive websites to be rewarded by Google starting April 21st

From the 21st of April Google will start rewarding websites which are ‘mobile-friendly’ (meaning they are easily viewed on a mobile device, bigger text, easy menus etc). If you are not sure if your website is mobile-friendly? visit here, input your website link and find out!

3. Twitter Now Lets You Direct Message Anyone You Want

Twitter now has an opt-in option to let anyone (even those you are NOT following) the ability to send you a direct message. This is supposed to be an opt-in only option but for one of my accounts the option was activated. So be careful and check your account.

activate or turn off twitter dm all option

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