Jan 10 2014

Issue 2: Top Social Media Articles of the week


I’d like to share with you my top articles this week. which include Facebook, Blogging and more.

1. New Study Details Who Is Using Social Media and When

Do you know who your ideal customer is? Yes? In this article find out which social media they are using and when. Then you can determine which social media platforms may have the best results for your business.

2. Ten (Almost) Effortless Ways to Boost Facebook Engagement

New to facebook? Or can’t seem to engage with your fans? This article describes 10 really simple ways to start increasing engagement on your page. Enjoy!

3. Ten Content Marketing Lessons from Our TOP 10 Most Viral Blog Posts

Are you a blogger? This articles goes into detail of 10 viral blog posts and which parts of the content made them go viral. Very informative and interesting read!

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