Feb 21 2014

Issue 4: Top Social Media Articles of the week



I’d like to share with you my top 3 articles this week on blogging, twitter and facebook!

1.  Bring Traffic to Your Site With These 4 Blogging Alternatives

Tired of producing blog after blog and traffic isn’t increasing? This post describes 4 ways to drive more traffic to your website including designing a infographic, youtube video, slideshow and requesting reviews.

2. Get More Tweets of Your Blog Posts with This Effortless Tweak

This post describes how you can use a twitter plugin to embed tweets into your website posts and pages.

But if you have a specific tweet already tweeted that you would like embed on your website:

1. Go to the tweet on twitter and click the ‘more’ button on the right

2. Click ‘Embed Tweet’

3. Copy and past the code onto the page you want it to appear.

This aims both these methods aim to increase number of tweets, and links to pages and posts.

3. Five Facebook Lessons from a Fashion Page that Gets It!

A post on 5 very simple facebook tips that can help you facebook page and you can implement almost immediately. From profile images to the overuse of hashtags.

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