Mar 07 2014

Issue 5: Top Social Media Articles of the week


I’d like to share with you my top 3 articles this week on, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and more!

1.  Tweet Naked (Book Review)

I have read many social media books and this recent one caught my eye for obvious reasons (because I love twitter of course!). At first glance you might think this book is all about twitter? No, it is soo much more and goes on to cover the most popular social media platforms. The structure of the book is great as social media expert, Scott Levy, gently guides you through how to use social media to boost your brand and business. Every business should also take note of the essential ‘Social Media Etiquette’ and ‘does and don’ts’ pages.

To bring things into perspective, Scott gives many real-life examples of how companies have used social media the wrong and right ways! It helps you to focus on what you want to achieve with social media, how to carry it out, and most importantly how measure your success. The book may have american references but the advice and tips are universal.

Finally what better way to end the book with a juicy chapter on social media tips!

Check out Tweet naked book OR on Kindle.

2. Eleven Advanced Pinterest Tips and Tricks

If you are using Pinterest and only posting images or photos, you are missing out! There is soo much more you can do to increase Pinterest interaction, on your profile including tagging, getting verified and starting conversations. Most tips you can start using right away!

3. Six Easy Ways to Get More Instagram Followers (starting Today!)

Instagram is great if you are a fan of sharing your photos or selfies! But if you want more followers or are using it to promote a business these 6 instagram tips will help you! Tips include posting eye-catching photos, using hashtags, running a contest and more.

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