Sep 12 2014

Issue 9: Top Social Media Articles of the week


I’d like to share with you my top 3 social media articles this week on Bloglovin’ 2014 awards, Facebook features, and Google+ interaction.

1. Bloglovin’ Award 2014 Winners Announced

Bloglovin’ helps you keep track of the blogs you read by letting you know when they update. They recently held a blog awards and the winners have just been announced. Take a look to see who the winners were and get tips from blogs similar to yours?

2. 9 Lesser-Known Facebook Features You’re Probably Missing

Think you know facebook? Think again. This article describes 9 other features you might have blinked and missed. For example, interest lists, a save button…and my favourite…emoji!

3. How to Get More Interaction on Google+ (Infographic)

If you have a blog, you should be on Google+. Why? It will help with your search rankings. This infographic highlights the best ways to use Google+ to increase interaction. A must read.

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