Jul 30 2012

Sunderland’s Kevin McLernon Winner ITV1 Biggest Loser UK 2012

Hello and welcome to my first blog for The North East HUB. I’m super excited to have asked to put some of my thoughts and some of my experiences down on paper for you all.

So, who is this, most of you will be asking. My name is Kevin McLernon and I won The Biggest Loser UK on ITV1 this year. My starting weight was 32st 2lbs/450lbs/204.1kgs. 24 weeks later, 8 in The Biggest Loser house 16 at home, I weighed in at the finale at 19st 4 lbs/270lbs/122.5kg a 40% reduction in my starting weight.

Before The Biggest Loser UK 2012

I competed in The Biggest Loser along side my Niece Amy who came second at the grand finale, and for me was the star of the show, seeing her transformation on a day-to-day basis was, and still is, one of my life’s greatest joys.

I’m often asked questions along the lines of “what’s your secret, how did you lose so much weight that quickly, how did you do it”, a lot of the people asking this question are waiting for me to offer some secret recipe or special exercise I did. You know some crazy soup diet or special machine I used. The fact is it was down to hard work and the right diet for me.

My “secret” if that’s what you want to call it was my mindset. It’s all about making one big decision, making a commitment, putting yourself out there, grabbing the bull by the horns and taking action over and over and over again until you get to where you know you belong. I will talk more in future about how I used visualisation, and gratitude to get me through the process. I’m a great fan of the book “The Secret” if you haven’t read it; you should, so simple but so effective and true.

After Winning The Biggest Loser UK 2012

Before I go, a note on the future, I am working on building a fitness business that will allow me to help other people change their own lives the way I have changed mine. I am speaking at various events spreading the word about changing your own life with my motto of If I Can You Can. I am also working on a year of challenges for charity which will include rides, runs, climbs and hopefully a bit of fun along the way. I’m looking forward to sharing all this with you in future blogs.

So that’s me out of words for now, but I will back again soon, in the meantime follow me on Twitter @kevinmclernon or even join my list at

Kevin Mclernon

P.s. Big Congratulations to Kevin from The North East HUB on his recent engagement, deffo a winner now!!!

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  1. Carol Dawson

    Wow what an amazing difference between the 2 pics. You must be so proud of what you have achieved in the last year.

    Keep up the good work :>)

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