May 14 2014

Lady Gaga Designer at Newcastle Fashion Week

As Lady Gaga takes to the stage on her international ArtRAVE! Arena tour, she will be wearing items commissioned from North East designer, Dayne Henderson and manufactured in Newcastle. 

A whole collection of similar garments will be on show at NE1’s Newcastle Fashion Week, Fashion Front Row Event to be held next Wednesday, 14 May at Tiger Tiger.

Dayne from North Shields is currently preparing to showcase his latest collection at the Fashion Front Row event, a staple in NE1’s Newcastle Fashion Week programme, showcasing the best of the North East’s fashion design talent.  This year Dayne’s collection will be one of the key highlights.

Dayne is still reeling from the whirlwind that has been the last 9 months.  The designer only started his design business last September 2013 after graduating from a fashion product and promotion degree from the University of Sunderland.  Less than six months later he gets a call from one of the world’s biggest music sensations, Lady Gaga, to design garments for her latest international arena tour.  A twitter conversation between Dayne and Gaga’s stylist resulted in an order within two hours.


The pieces that Gaga commissioned were inspired by Dayne’s latest collection.  In true Gaga style, the items are not your run of the mill fashion creations, instead they are latex couture headpieces in light blue with pink spots that were crafted exclusively to fit her head.  Orders for a further 16 items were placed to cater for Gaga’s dance troupe.

The Gaga commission is typical of Dayne’s latest collection which offer high-end latex couture creations that have earned him an international following and many accolades including 2nd place in the new fetish designer of the year awards in 2012.

Commenting on NE1’s Newcastle Fashion Week, Dayne explained:  “I’m so looking forward to NE1’s Newcastle Fashion Week where I’ll be showing off my new collection, some of the pieces are similar to those Gaga will be wearing during her show stopping ArtRAVE! Tour. It’s been a crazy few months to say the least.  The call came in from Lady Gaga’s stylish after a Twitter conversation and I hope that it will be the first order of many from the superstar.  The headpieces are part of one of four costume changes she makes during her show, and from the feedback it is a real showstopper.”

Sandra Tang, NE1’s Marketing and Events Manager commented:   “We’re so excited to have Dayne take part in NE1’s Fashion Front Row catwalk event, an excellent showcase for the superb design talent we have here in Newcastle.  NE1’s Newcastle Fashion Week has so many great events, but NE1’s Fashion Front Row show is always a major highlight.”

Dayne has a busy few months ahead, after NE1’s Newcastle Fashion Week, he will be showing in Rome on 23 May and in Amsterdam later in the year.

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