Feb 13 2012

Live Review: Jason Isaacs ‘the biggest voice in swing’

Live Review: Jason Isaacs @ The Hilton Hotel, Sunday 5th February 2012

Setting the scene

We arrived at the Hilton Hotel, our first time here, such an impressive hotel setting the scene that we were in for a great night. Free glass of wine “thank you very much” and we were shown to our table, one of several set for an intimate performance and evening. The meal was fantastic as was the banter happening on our table with Sharon (Jason’s Wife), Deborah (Jason’s PA) and friends. Now we sat in anticipation of meeting the man himself…

Show time

After a short introduction Jason bounced into the room looking very fresh and handsome in his suit and with a few quick words made us all feel at home. Then he was straight into his first song and WOW…the room really wasn’t big enough for such a huge voice and talent. Jason sailed through songs from the greats including – Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Elvis, Louis Armstrong, Billie Holiday…and even a swing version of wonderwall by Oasis. In-between songs Jason’s witty and charming personality shone through and it didn’t take long for him to entice some dancing and singing from the audience! He kindly dedicated “When I fall in love” to a recently engaged couple and later upped the tempo for the birthday celebrations in the audience. But Jason’s talents don’t just stop at his amazing voice, he is also a talent saxophone player which he accompanied with several songs…and also a great dancer…girls, this man can move!

Encore x 2

Engrossed in all the singing and dancing before we knew it the night was coming to an end or was it? Cheers for an encore were well received and Jason returned, removing his jacket and looking extremely relaxed as he sang favourites such as “Sweet Caroline” and “Suspicious Minds”. The energy continued through to a second encore with Jason ending with “Everybody needs somebody”, at this point the dance floor was full! Also at the gig was well known local actress Melanie Hill who commented

“After hearing the amazing Jason Isaacs on cd.. I was excited to see him in the flesh and hear how his voice held up when he sang live … And boy, I was not disappointed. Crystal clear, and extremely sexy…. And his voice wasn’t bad either! ..haha…. We had a lovely meal in a beautiful room at the Hilton hotel, and were serenaded by the man himself ..Calling all lovers of ‘swing’. I would recommend this night to you ALL …. “.

An amazing night and I’ll look forward to seeing Jason at Newcastle City Hall on Saturday 24 March. This is a very special night for Jason because if he sells out this event he will earn himself a recording contract, so I urge you all please to get tickets and support a great local talent and at the same time have a fab night! They would make the ideal gift or birthday present.

Jason Isaacs –   Official Website   YouTube   Twitter   Facebook   Flickr

Email:  or  Phone: 07745046805

Upcoming gigs:

Feb 24, 2012 7:30pm
Gosforth Park Marriott Hotel, Newcastle Get tickets

Mar 24, 2012 8:00pm
City Hall, Newcastle upon Tyne Get Tickets

See more gigs here

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