Jan 30 2015

Maker Faire UK returns to Life Science Centre, April 25 – 26

maker faire uk 2015 newcastle

Time to get your geek on, Maker Faire UK is back! A two-day celebration of makers from all backgrounds, whether they are technical wizards, garden-shed inventors or eager beginners! 

At Life Science Centre in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, preparations are well underway for the arrival of this year’s Maker Faire, which will be taking place on the weekend of the 25 and 26 April.

Home-made handiwork is the backbone of Maker Faire UK. Makers, crafters, coders and DIYers come from all over the globe to showcase their unique creations.  There will be talks from innovative exhibitors and workshops where you can pick up those essential maker skills!

Proving that science and engineering can be fun, useful, creative, and even beautiful, Maker Faire UK will fire up your imagination and have you heading to your shed to make ‘stuff’.

Life is the only venue where you can experience Maker Faire in the UK. Last year’s 2-day extravaganza had huge robots, car-crushing claws and a mechanical fire-breathing dragon! This year expect more incredible crafts and inventions; with attractions such as Johnny Wright’s Human Machine (combining fire and ice with spectacular results) and the gloriously gloopy Osmosis Machine – where science meets art!

Tickets for Maker Fair UK 2015 are on sale now! Don’t miss your chance to attend this quirky, educational and awe-inspiring event.

Tickets can be purchased at

Life Annual Pass Holders are entitled to a 25% discount on Maker fair UK 2015 tickets.