Aug 23 2013

Marine Mystery Playtime, RokerPods 26 – 27 August

On Bank Holiday Monday 26 August and Tuesday 27 August head down to Holey Rock Corner at Roker Beach for two fun-filled, creative days for all the family.  Come and participate in the ‘Marine Mystery Masterpiece’ artwork and be entertained with regular storytelling activities. Local artist Ian Potts will be there to help you do your bit!

Monday 26 August

  • 10 – 4pm. The Marine Mystery Masterpiece will be chalk drawn with your help on the paved area around the RokerPods on the lower prom throughout the day on Monday 26th

Tuesday 27 August

  • You and your family can help solve the puzzle, follow the stars and see where the journey ends
  • There’ll be storytelling for the young with show times of 10am, 11am, 12.30pm, 2pm and 3pm and each lasts for 45 minutes on the 27th


The pods arrived at Roker this July as part of a scheme supported by CABE Seachange Funding, a funding pot designed to support new innovate ways of improving and developing seafronts in the UK. Other works to the seafront have included new lighting, street furniture, paving and traffic calming too, the project has opened the door to future funding to improve the seafront for residents and visitors which in turn supports businesses in the area.

There are three pods at the seafront at the moment. The RokerPod Cafe, selling hot and cold drinks and snacks (as well as the obligatory seaside ice-cream and buckets and spades), and the other two pods are joined together and are simply called ‘RokerPods’, which are available to hire for events or educational activities and are host to an array of family themed fun this Summer. These spherical shaped spaces are mobile and reminiscent of the famous ‘Cannonball Rock’ which are unusual rock formations found at Sunderland’s coast.

The RokerPod Cafe is managed by local couple Carol and Dave who were the very first people to take an interest in the project as a commercial business. Carol and Dave would be delighted to provide you with refreshments on your next trip to the beach. Chairs and tables will be out for the event, so you can view the artwork developing, although you may have to move or become part of the colourful artwork!

CEED (Community Environmental Educational Developments) is a local charity based in Roker Park and they are managing the RokerPods. CEED specialise in working with the local communities to empower people, giving them new skills and providing education through the use of the natural environment.

Susan Nolan, the project manager for CEED said

‘I’m delighted to have the RokerPods, they’re visually stunning and provide a new space at the seafront. We’ve had activities throughout the Summer which have included family arts and craft sessions as well as singing and storytelling. Children and grown-ups alike are fascinated by the pods, inquisitive folk stop to talk to us regularly wanting to know more, it’s great!’

‘The pods are available for educational groups as well as meetings and events, drop us a line if you want to know more’.

Susan Nolan is available on 0191 549 8844 or

Ian Potts is a local artist who has developed the project and will be there leading the Marine Mystery Masterpiece.  He’s already organised a number of ‘Chalk In’ participation events in the North East and has been delighted with the response, he said

‘I love the space at the seafront and the wonderful, odd-shaped pods add to the distinctive feel and environment. The artwork this time is going to be big and colourful and fun! I’m looking forward to working with people of all ages to produced something spectacular’