May 02 2014

#NEFollowers returns with a Bang…

nefollowers nefollowers-twitter-hour

The North East HUB can now announced that we are taking over @NEFollowers on twitter.

We hope our followers and supporters will get involved and help this become a big platform to help build, promote and raise the profile of the North East Of England!

The NEFollowers account on twitter has laid fairly unused for a long period. Initially it was very popular with around 13K followers, with many people are still using the #NEFollowers hashtag on twitter.

It has the potential to play a big part in raising the profile of the North East if managed carefully.

Donna Petch, MD of The North East HUB. “I am delighted to have had NEFollowers passed onto me, it is in very good hands, I can see it’s potential and I will hopefully be able to meet this and more…”

“There are several north-east twitter accounts and twitter hours already on twitter, NEfollowers will support these, whilst aiming to put out it’s own stamp and personality”.

#NEFollowers twitter networking hour:

  • EVERY THURSDAY 2-3 pm on twitter
  • People can apply to be guest hosts of #NEfollowers hour
  • There are Weekly topics – creating more discussion
  • Make local connections
  • Have fun!


GET INVOLVED with #NEFollowers (complete our form below)


We welcome all your support with NEFollowers!

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