Mar 21 2012

New North East Fashion Blog Author – Alexandra Jarocka

Hi, my name is Alexandra and I am a new guest author on The North East HUB blog.

I will be writing about fashion and cool girly stuff for ladies and gentlemen too. I am a huge Chanel fan, I adore MAC cosmetics and I am very much addicted to Starbucks. I have lived in the North East for 13 years and over the years I have watched the fashion here. I must say this is the first place I have come across where people don’t really wear coats in the winter. At first I thought it was a strange thing but after so many years nothing  really surprises me!

Everyday before work I sit at Starbucks and people watch – to be honest I really enjoy it. I just can’t get enough how much style Newcastle women have. There is no rules how to look and everyone is turning in to their own designers. I have always been in the fashion industry and enjoyed watching catwalks, however I have always followed my heart and bought what ever felt comfortable. I strongly believe that there is always something for all of us.

I think this is it for a first introduction. I will try and update my blog once a week, so please watch out for all the fun!

Alexandra x


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  1. Gordon Scott

    The HMS Trincomalee Fashion Show

    Contemporary high fashion meets the oldest British warship afloat.

    Pre-show, behind the scenes opportunity for would be models and photographers

    Imagine the scene on a naval vessel some 200 years ago, the hard life above and below decks. Now introduce a touch of glamour, the presence of modern fashion of quality and style, some of it seen on international stages, some in today’s high street, and some tailored just for you even using recycled materials from a modern day charity shop. These are the ingredients for not just a show but also an experience.

    HMS Trincomalee is teaming up with fashion photographer, Gordon Scott OBE, to showcase the styles of Middlesbrough based award winning designer, Kate Fearnley and the fashion brands of Isabel Wong and Callecia J Brown.

    The HMS Trincomalee Fashion Show is aimed at people serious about fashion. It will be a social event on a summer’s evening in a historical setting, but also why not come behind the scenes and see the preparations and rehearsals.

    David McKnight, Genereal Manager of HMS Trincomalee, says, “We’re keen for anyone who might have an interest in a career in the fashion industry to spend time being shown what it means to be part of the team, how a makeup artist and hair stylist creates a look, what it is like for the model on the catwalk, and hear from the photography team about lighting and taking top class photos.”

    Gordon Scott says, “This is a tremendous opportunity for designers and retailers to showcase their clothing and for models, make-up artists, stylists and photographers to advance their skills and present themselves to the industry. In Isabel Wong we have a designer whose designs are defined by simplicity, with contemporary and experimental creative cutting and the ability to translate conceptualism into wearability. Callecia J Brown is one of the industry’s leading designers of bespoke tailored women’s and men’s clothing and offering seasonal collections through independent boutiques and Kate Fearnley is an award winning designer with an edgy feminine style”

    They will be joined by Velsvoir, an award winning designer of men’s accessories. Make up and hair will be led by Hartlepool born, Sarah Stonehouse of FACE Makeup Artistry.

    Places remain open for a fashion designer or retailer and for male and female models and makeup artists to participate.

    The show takes place on 16th August 2012, at 7.30 pm but with the fashion show taster at 4.00 pm and rehearsals starting at 5.00 pm. Ticket admission is £10 and a cash bar will be available. More details can be obtained from Gordon Scott on 07967 729869 and or Isabel Wong on 07595 477359 and

    1. Donna Petch

      Thanks for adding details of this event. If you need any further promotion of the event let me know. thanks Donna

      1. Gordon Scott

        Hi Donna Press releases are out and it should be a good night with the stylish designs on show and also to have a walk around such an historic feature as the oldest warship afloat. Any spreading of the word would be appreciated. Some VIP tickets still available and we have not yet finalised all of the models.

  2. Gordon Scott

    Posted your blog on Facebook at

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