Feb 08 2013

New Sunderland Tesco Brings Jobs and Training To The City

new sunderland tesco


AS PART OF AN AGREEMENT between Sunderland City Council and Tesco 800 local people are guaranteed interviews for the jobs being created at the new store being built-in the city.

Eight sessions have been organised in the Council Chamber this week for the job seekers, with all those taking part either long-term unemployed or young people seeking their first job.

While only 120 vacancies are available when the new store opens in June on Sunderland Retail Park, everyone taking part will receive three hours of valuable coaching in interview techniques and personal presentation skills to help them improve their future job prospects.

Providing such a massive amount of local people with this fantastic employment and training opportunity is the result of City Council’s negotiations with Tesco over the inclusion of ‘Social and Economic Clauses’ during the planning application process.

Leader of Sunderland City Council, Councillor Paul Watson said: “We are delighted that we have been able to help Tesco not only to invest in our city, but also to invest in our community with this joint commitment to provide valuable new jobs and training.

“With our employment partners at the Job Centre and a consortium of local training providers, we have been able to identify those people in most need of our help. Every one of the 800 being interviewed will gain valuable new skills and experience as a result of this partnership approach.

“All those involved will have the chance to identify and develop their own individual transferable skills to take into the jobs market, and ultimately 120 people will find a new job with Tesco at this fantastic new retail asset to our city.”

As part of the agreement between Sunderland City Council and Tesco, all those who do find work at Tesco as part of this first phase must also receive eight weeks of Pre-Employability training including work experience within  other Tesco stores.

Employment and Training Manager for Sunderland City Council, Karen Alexander said: “The eight weeks of initial training will not only prepare the new recruits for the demands of a range of positions, from customer service and retail duties to warehousing and maintenance, but also prepare them for the world of work.

“We are grateful to our partners at Tesco for providing such fantastic opportunities for those very people who perhaps need them most, and for this commitment to our community.”

Tesco Corporate Affairs Manager, Doug Wilson added:” The Tesco Extra store will offer high quality jobs to people who have been out of work for some time. This is the beginning of the process to recruit the staff that we will need to run the new store which will bring a major economic boost to the city.”

For further information please contact: 
Kevin Douglas
Tel: 0191 561 1139
Fax: 0191 553 1138


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  1. lynn mitchinson

    do you know when the recruitment process starts for people who are already employed thank you

    1. Donna Petch

      Hi Lynn, not sure but keep an eye in the Sunderland Echo if you get it, they might mention it. Donna

  2. Rhys

    Hi just writing to ask how can I get a application form for the new Tesco or apply for a job at Tesco .

    1. Donna Petch

      Hi, when i find out ill let you know. Keep an eye out in the local papers. Donna

  3. philip Avery

    I am looking to apply for tesco and i am hopping to get a saturday and sunday day job. However i am only 16 and am currently taking my GCSE’s at school. Therefore i was wondering how do i recieve a application for Tesco if i am able to do so.


    1. Donna Petch

      Hi Philip, if I find any info ill post it here. Donna 🙂

  4. Rhys

    Has any body herd any thing on the applications for the new Tesco if so could you let me know thanks

  5. Joanne

    How can people who work find out when you can apply

    1. Donna Petch

      Ill post on here when I have more info but in meantime please check the Sunderland Echo. Thanks Donna

  6. Julie

    When does the recruitment start for Tesco and what is the application process?

  7. Peter Gibson

    I regularly look on the internet for the new jobs at Roker being advertised but without success. When are the posts being advertised?

    1. Donna Petch

      Hi Peter, I haven’t seen them yet. Try their official store website. Donna

    2. Donna Petch

      Hi, if there are any jobs left you will find them at the job centre I have been informed. Good luck!

  8. lisa

    hello i am just woundering how to apply will you be able to e-mail me how please

    1. Donna Petch

      I’ve been told you should try the job centre and tescos website. Thanks Donna

  9. gillian

    i have been on tesco website nothing is being advertised for roker tesco site. Has all recruitment been finalised, no recruitment advertisements in echo as well. whats happening.

    1. Donna Petch

      Try the job centre. I’ve been told jobs are advertised for tesco on there. Donna

  10. mark ruddock

    hi how do u reply for manager jobs with tesco ?


    1. Donna Petch

      Hi Mark, you can check store job vacancies here thanks Donna

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