Jan 04 2013

Newcastle Businesses Encouraged To Recruit Apprentices

Newcastle Businesses Encouraged To Recruit Apprentices

Employers from Newcastle are being given the opportunity to discover the positive aspects of recruiting apprentices whilst developing the infrastructure of their business. Employers that may be considering recruitment, but have been discouraged by the economic downturn read on!!!

Newcastle City Council can help support the recruitment of a young person onto an Apprenticeship Programme.

What is the Apprenticeship Plus subsidy?

Newcastle City Council can support you with the costs of an Apprentice’s salary. Assistance will be offered to the employer in finding the appropriate training provider, short listing and selecting young people for the apprenticeship vacancy.

Currently, the Apprenticeship Plus initiative has resulted in the successful recruitment of 46 young people onto Apprenticeships and have successfully worked with a number of small/medium businesses to recruit and develop Apprentices. We have managed to secure 61 places within Newcastle for new Apprentices.

What are the criteria?

The business needs to be based in Newcastle and should employ less than 250 staff. Recruitment is with the intention that the post will become permanent. The Apprentices will live in Newcastle and be aged 16-18.

Employers would be expected to make a contribution to the salary costs of the apprentice but this will be in negotiation with Newcastle City Council. The national minimum wage for an apprentice is £2.65 per hour. This equates to just about £5100 a year if the apprentice works 37 hour per week. Many employers pay more. The subsidy can be used to pay towards the minimum wage or can be used as an addition to increase the wage to a higher rate.

This can be used in addition to the National Apprenticeship Service AGE grant.

What is the next step?

For further information please call Elaine Withycombe or Dan Gibson on

(0191) 298 6983 or email

Limited places available – first come, first served!

Terms and conditions do apply and it is subject to an eligibility criteria.