Apr 15 2014

Newcastle Company adds warmth to UK


The North East must have a wonderful quality about it that breeds excellent heating and design companies – which is odd, because any glance at the Bigg Market night out in mid-winter would tell you that Geordies don’t really feel the cold.

And while some companies out there might be focused on the windows and conservatories game (keeping the warm in and the cold out), ABCA Far Infrared like to focus on the actual meat and drink of keeping you toasty.

But a great thing about ABCA Far Infrared is that it’s a locally born and bred company. They are based in Newcastle – on the Great Lime Road in fact.

Their parent company, ABCA Systems, was established in 1986 and although it is a specialist UK wide electrical company, they still retain a headquarters in Killingworth.

But not only are they just based in Newcastle, they also play an active part in educating the regions youngsters as well.

A great example of this is their partnership with Gateshead College, which has helped them to set us a new branch in Malaysia.

Research and new technology is one of the cornerstones of ABCA Far Infrared’s company policy. Their driving aim is to reduce heating bills that have been rising year on year and causing such a headache to such a large proportion of the population.


Efficient and Stylish heating panels

They are also focused on driving down the maintenance costs that customers pay – and the introduction of theSunline Far Infrared Radient Heating Panels has been designed to do just that. They are manufactured to a high standard, have a TUV certificate and are CE approved (which means that they have been approved by an independent auditor for the international market.)

Even more impressively, the heating panels are maintenance free, and can be installed in either an office or a home environment. Best of all, they don’t even look like traditional radiators or heaters but actually resemble something that can fit in with any rooms décor or style.

The have also designed products for uses in different rooms – for example, the sunlight mirror has been produced so that they warm up bathrooms etc without looking like a heater. These mirrors can also be hung like you would a picture, or installed with integrated lighting system so that it resembles more a piece of art and decoration than a radiator or heater.

Another product that can be purchased from ABCA is the Sunline Crystal panel which is made from glass that has been treated to toughen it up and create a heat resistance. They can be made in nearly any colour, which gives them a great versatility – however black and white are the standard colours used with that particular product.

Design means a lot to the Tyneside company, and all their products are built with that in mind – to make your house or business look as good as it possibly can, all while keeping the winter chill off your bones.

Until you venture down the Bigg Market on a Friday night, that is.


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