Apr 23 2014

North East Company go infrared


Red Hot Green do heating, and they do it well. But they don’t do heating in the traditional sense of the word, they do heating with science – infrared heating!

The basic idea behind the concept of their products is that whenever one of their infrared heaters – be it in a mirror, or decorative stone, will absorb heat from safe, harmless electromagnetic radiation, and it use this energy to heat objects instead of the air.

This is not only a more efficient way of heating a home, but a cheaper way too. Their range of heating systems can save up to 50% on maintenance/repair, heating and replacement costs compared with regular radiators – which represents a huge saving for customers.

The Red Hot Green range is all manufactured in Germany to a high standard, and customers can choose between three different options: Sunline Crystal, Sunline Mirror and Sunline Stone.

The infrared heating panels are premium quality and can be classed as being among the world’s best – they all come with a five-year warranty and can be bought in sizes that range from 250 – 1300 watts.


Sunline mirror panels

Available in a choice of designs and frames that can be customized to fit into any surrounding – whether it be an eye-catching and bold environment, or a space that demands a discreet and subtle heating system. The panels are classed as a standard product, but they are difficult to define as standard. They can be bought in nearly any colour and are built from quartz glass that has been treated to be heat-resistant.

Not only do they look great, but they are also lightweight and can be mounted onto a wall or ceiling.

Sunline Mirror heating panels are a popular choice among consumers who want to heat up difficult bathroom and toilet spaces. The mirrored panels can even come with integrated lighting to give it a modern, contemporary feel. The mirrors can fit into walls and ceilings, installed into a wall or even mounted like a picture – something that gives it the flexibility to be able to fit into almost any design.

The Sunline Stone panels are all made from granite and marble, which gives them the duel purpose of looking great and being able to produce radiant heat from electricity. Not only do they come in a wide range of marble and granite designs, they can also be purchased in an extensive range of colours, and as a result each one is unique. Stone panels can be wall mounted and comes in a slightly smaller range than the Sunline Crystal heating panels, as they are available from 500-900 watts. A special touch indeed.

To round it all off, Red Hot Green are a North-East born and bred company making the most of the regions cold weather. Based on the Great Lime Road, Newcastle Upon-Tyne, the heating company is sure to fight the chill off your bones with their innovative products.


  1. Will Tottle

    Looks a great product, love the fact it doesn’t look like your standard heating, next up ill check out the pricing, does it work out costly in a domestic small bathroom ?

    1. Donna Petch

      Hi Will, please contact them for a quote Tel: 0333 011 0777

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