Apr 09 2015

North East made film Bypass, showing 10 – 23 April


North East made ‘thriller with a conscience’ Bypass

Opens Friday 10th April until 23rd at Tyneside Cinema, Newcastle

Q&A Events: Friday 10th April, 18:15 and Wednesday 15th April, 18:00

BYPASS screening at Middlesbrough Town Hall, 23rd APRIL, 6pm Tickets: £5

This April, the North East-made film Bypass opens at Newcastle’s Tyneside Cinema and Middlesbrough Town Hall.

Bypass stars EE BAFTA “Rising Star” nominee George MacKay (Pride, Sunshine On Leith) as Tim, a sickly young man who has been left to deal with his family debts after his parents’ deaths. Forced to fend off bailiffs, pressures to join the local drug trade and, most worryingly, increasing ill health, his only solace comes from his ever-loving girlfriend. But this may be about to change when Tim learns he is going to be a father…

Director Duane Hopkins (Better Things) set out to make a film that exposes the brutal facts of life for young people with no job and no support, using the contemporary themes maligned under the heading ‘Broken Britain’ and creating a completely modern thriller. A thriller with a conscience.

For the screenings at the Tyneside Cinema members of Bypass’ production team, including producer Samm Haillay and co-producer Andrew McVicar, will talk about the issues raised in the film and take part in a post-film Q&A.

Hopkins says:

“I wanted to make a film that highlights the real situation for so many, but also to temper this with redemption and beauty. To create the sense that through it all, my main character wants to be a good person who has the potential to create and give to the next generation – a responsibility that we all share. My hope is that whilst the subject is raw and real, its depiction within a ‘thriller’ setting will enable audiences to engage with a subject who may not have otherwise.”   

Before writing Bypass, Hopkins set the film’s characters and storylines in credible research: one of his main contacts was Professor Rob MacDonald, author of Poverty and Insecurity: Life in Low-pay, No-pay Britain. Hopkins went on to conduct his own methodical research amongst the young, vulnerable and fringe elements of society – interviewing in hostels and key support organisations.

Professor MacDonald said:

“Duane was interested in serious academic, sociological research about young people growing up in Britain’s poor neighbourhoods – in all its details and nuances. I can see the sociological reality of what we have uncovered over years of in-depth, close up research reflected in Bypass. One example would be the labour of the low-level criminal economy, in which Tim is trapped. This ‘work’ is very similar in character to the labour of the low-level non-criminal economy of low pay and zero hour contracts that has become common for many.  Bypass situates itself in this sociological terrain…It is pertinent and timely.”

Tyneside Cinema’s Programme Manager Jonny Tull said:

“It’s fantastic that such a brilliant and socially relevant film has been shot here in the North East. We are absolutely thrilled to be able to give local audiences the chance to see it and find out more about the film directly from the people behind it.”


  • Bypass opens at Tyneside Cinema on Friday 10 April.

The 18:15 screening on Friday 10 April will be introduced by members of the production team and there will be a short Q&A after the film.

The 18:00 screening on Wednesday 15 April will feature a Q&A with producer Samm Haillay, who will talk about the production of this film and his career as a producer.

Tickets for these screenings can be booked in person at the Tyneside Cinema Box Office, by calling 0845 217 9909 or at (Tickets)

  • BYPASS screening at Middlesbrough Town Hall, 23rd APRIL, 6pm Tickets: £5

Includes Q&A with producer Samm Haillay, who is also a Senior Lecturer at Teeside Uni).


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