Mar 30 2012

North East Saturday School opens its doors this Summer!

North East Saturday School

Starts this Summer Term – Based in Middlesbrough

21st April 2012 – 7th July 2012


We asked Georgina Chinaka (who runs the Saturday School) what is it all about?

What is North East Saturday School?

Good Question! Short answer, we are an Extra Tuition School for 7 to 18 year olds, offering small classes teaching Maths, English and Science, 11+, GCSE and A Level preparation. Our classes are purposefully small, so our teachers and teaching assistants can devote time to students ensuring they grasp each topic.

Why did you want to start North East Saturday School?

Mainly from personal experience, when I was in school I felt too timid to put my hand up in front of the whole class and admit that I didn’t understand something. In later years, throughout my career I have seen pupils struggle with the same thing. Sometimes all students need is a slightly different explanation or a bit more time on a particular topic which is hard to do in a classroom of 20+, so I wanted to create an environment which encouraged students to ask questions, explore topics and feel comfortable and empowered doing so.

What can North East Saturday School offer Students?

Where do I begin? In the first instance we help them with their school work/upcoming exam etc, boost their confidence, and introduce them to a peer group as focused on learning and achievement as they are.

Do you only support Students, what about Parents?

We believe that to fully support our students it is imperative to engage the Parents too. Whether it is explaining the latest changes in the GCSE Examinations, providing resources to allow them to help students at home or, very importantly, giving parents the tools to ask the right questions and get involved in the students mainstream school.

Do you have any other Schools in the North East?

Not at the moment, our students travel from all over Teesside to attend our classes. We do run online courses from time to time; e-Learning is very effective with our older students so we tend to accommodate further afield students that way.

When are your term times?

Our term times can be found on our website, we try to follow the School holidays as closely as possible. Our Summer Term is 21st April 2012 – 7th July 2012

How can students and parents register?

By phone, email or via our website, once you register your interest a member of staff will contact you and invite you to visit the school. Register your interest here!

Is it true you offer all prospective students a trial lesson?

Yes! Of course, we want students and parents to be comfortable with the investment they are making. The trial lesson gives students a chance to have a taste of what Saturday School is like; parents can have a look around and speak to other parents and staff members. On student’s trial day they are also assessed, which means that when the student joins we already know areas for development.

How much are your services thereafter?

We aim to provide great value for money so our tuition starts from £9 per hour. If you are reading this and you are interested, give us a ring and book a trial day – it’s free!

Further Information

We are an Extra Tuition School based in Middlesbrough for Primary and Secondary School students. We offer small classes teaching 7 – 18 year olds in Mathematics, English and Science. Whether your child needs an extra boost in their subjects or is already excelling in school and requires further teaching – our classes can help.

We encourage parents and families to be involved in the school so learning can be embedded at home as well. In addition, our workshops for students, friends and parents aim to give all the tools to encourage students to excel in learning.

Our usual Saturday starts at 10am, with students following their specific timetable. Some of our students take one lesson for intensive tuition in a particular subject; others have tailored combinations of Maths, English and Science. Once a fortnight, NESS students are invited to participate in a personal development workshop led by the Principal or specially invited guests.

By empowering pupils with excellent teaching and the confidence to excel in school and examinations, students develop the skills for educational success. The combination of carefully tailored lessons and small class sizes ensure a conducive learning environment.

Summary of our services:

  • Extra Tuition in Mathematics, English and Science.
  • 11+, GCSE, A Level preparation
  • Lessons specifically tailored to the exact specifications of the examination boards.
  • Small class sizes allowing your child to be engaged and participate fully in the class.
  • Teachers at NESS are qualified, CRB checked and specialists in their area
  • Located within Teesside University
  • And, very importantly, a supportive and welcoming environment for parents and students.

We offer all prospective students a trial lesson with us – so why not pop down and see us!

Georgina Chinaka x

Contact Details

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Address – Victoria Building, Victoria Road, Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, TS1 3AP

Tel   0191 6450637   Mobile   07927 885168