Dec 09 2014

North East short film highlights mental health

Local filmmaker, Johnny Pears, has created a big impact short film on anxiety and mental health, which recently aired on Made in Tyne and Wear.

The documentary is called The Boy Who Panicked, all self filmed via self taught methods, and featuring music he wrote and recorded.  You can view it here

Johnny who himself suffers from anxiety and depression said:


“The idea behind ‘The Boy Who Panicked’ was to try and encapsulate the experience I had coping with crippling anxiety and depression. To try and capture those dark days when I thought there was no way out. I felt the best/only way to achieve this was in an artistic manner, not just doing some run of the mill A to B constricted interview with me and others sat plonked in front of a camera.”

“I wanted it to ebb and flow and make viewers want to watch, draw them into it and basically to get inside my head and see the world through my eyes. Lastly I wanted it to help anyone who can relate to it, who may also find themselves struggling with mental issues and let them know that their not alone. All filmed around the North East with music from my band Veldt as an original soundtrack.”

Johnny has recently managed his first on stage performance with his new band Veldt at The Star Inn in Newcastle, and slowly but surely managing to overcome some of his mental health issues. He’s quite impassioned about the complexities of mental health and the negative connotations associated with these, when in fact the issues he has can and do happen to just about anyone, regardless of age, race, demographic etc. This comes across very succinctly in the film in a beautiful and thought provoking way.

The film features multiple locations such as Tyne Tunnel, South Shields Beach, Newcastle City Centre.

Johnny has a dream to get the film commissioned into a long form documentary. If you would like to help with please email

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