Feb 01 2013

North East start-up looks to the future of digital transformation

New North East start-up looks to the future of digital transformation – delivers your products, training, developments online, in immersive 3D.

It is becoming increasingly well-known that significant revenues are being generated by companies providing digital experiences across B2C (business to consumer) groups, from gaming to marketing and virtual worlds. Strangely, there is a distinct lack of comparable providers able to deliver an array of developed, cost-effective and purposeful online 3D solutions for a B2B (business to business) marketplace.

This is all about to change with the formation of Spearhead Interactive, a North-East based company which deals primarily with the development of online 3D solutions for business, education and public sector markets – delivered across both PC and mobile devices.

“Having been involved in the online 3D and immersive environments sector since 2007, I’ve witnessed the evolution of the technologies up to this point and have been involved in the development of many differing applications first-hand”, entrepreneur and Spearhead Interactive founder Dan Riley explains. “By looking at the way the markets have evolved over time and how and why businesses, educators and governments have embraced, or indeed rejected the technology up to now, Spearhead Interactive is uniquely placed to assess multiple sectors and develop solutions to meet real areas of need and benefit”.

The company aims to attract global interest in its products; however Dan believes that the North-East of England is an ideal place to begin trading. “With the strong engineering, manufacturing and product-driven heritage that exists within the region there are a substantial number of businesses operating within multiple target markets – all of which are vast in both scope and potential”.

Spearhead Interactive is also targeting retail, training, education, BIM (building information modelling), regeneration and public-sector projects at the more complex end of the online 3D spectrum.

The Spearhead Interactive website goes live on 1st February with various 3D demonstrations for visitors to explore at

You can also keep up-to date with goings on via Twitter by following @Spearhead_Int.

About Dan Riley:


Dan Riley

Dan Riley has been working within the virtual worlds industry since 2007, assisting leading-edge research and development into the 3D web with a specific focus on leveraging commercialisation and IP opportunities for corporate organisations.

A rising authority on the interconnected nature of the market with a strong background in traditional and emerging technologies, Dan has presented at several international conferences and has seen published work appearing most notably in The IET, Alpha Galileo and Scenta.

Contact: Dan Riley       


Tel: +44 (0) 7736847320


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