Feb 26 2016

North East Veterans Appeal

There are around 200,000 military veterans living in the North East of England.

Of those, 35% have mental health issues (27% have a common mental health problem and 8% have some degree of severe and enduring mental illness).

This equates to over 65,000 men and women who, having served our country, are now suffering with the effects of trauma, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and other combat-related and psychosocial issues.


Veterans at Ease provides 1 to 1 therapy to veterans, reservists, serving military personnel and their families to help them deal with their issues.

We use neuro-linguistic programming or NLP in a clinical therapeutic setting.  To date we have worked with 140 people, of which 130 have successfully fully engaged (93%).

Our therapy is provided free of charge by our trained therapists, all of whom are ex-military, have suffered themselves, been through treatment with Veterans at Ease and then gone on to qualify as therapists.  Veterans supporting Veterans.

We work out of three offices around the North East.  We also provide an outreach service and can work with people further afield through VSEE (a secure Internet Skype-like programme).

With the continued increase in demand for our services we expect to work with over 100 people over the next year and WE URGENTLY NEED FUNDS.

£15,000 will support 10 Veterans urgently needing our support.

Symptoms of PTSD include social isolation, paranoia, anger, depression, flashbacks and nightmares with the effect in some cases of suicide.  By helping our Veterans overcome their issues and deal with their trauma we not only help them back onto their feet and back into society, we also have a direct impact on their family members, as well as the wider community.

Please give generously today (crowdfunder page).  You can also visit our website at, or contact us on 07887 493 459.