Sep 05 2014

Northern Futures Breakfast, 12th September

northern futures


Come and join us for breakfast and then to find out more about Northern Futures and how you can become involved in this exciting new initiative.

What is Northern Futures? Northern Futures is a University Technical College which is an employer-led school for children aged 14 to 18 years old.

In addition to teaching the standard curriculum, Northern Futures will specialise in IT/Digital and Health/Life Sciences, with the aim of giving students a headstart in preparing for a career with some of the most important companies and organisations in the world.

What is so Special about Northern Futures? Northern Futures will have direct, everyday involvement from committed locally based employers such as your organisation, to include well-known multinational organisations. Employers will work with Northern Futures to set an appropriate curriculum and lead exciting projects which allow students to put what they are learning into practice. Northern Futures believes that this is the best way to learn.

Which Employers are Involved? The employers listed below have so far committed to working with Northern Futures. However, we also need your support.

The Practicalities Northern Futures will be based in Newcastle upon Tyne and will be accessible by public transport routes.

If you feel that your organisation could commit to working with Northern Futures then please come along to the event on 12th September 2014, 8.30am at RTC North Limited Offices, Sunderland.

To register, please contact Sarah Black by email on

For further details on the Northern Futures initiative, then please contact Dr Nicola Wesley by email or by telephone on 07834307906.


Employers involved


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