Jan 31 2014

Put Pride in your business and support LGBT Community

northern pride

Following the success of last year’s Pride event, which welcomed over 28,000 people from across the region, UK and overseas, Newcastle Pride is back and this year the celebration will be even bigger.

For the first time Newcastle Pride will be staged over three daysFriday 18 to Sunday 20 July – and over two sights, the Town Moor and Times Square, Newcastle, making it a ‘mega pride weekend’ which will welcome 65,000 people.

The celebration, hosted by the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community, welcomes all the community as they come together to share ideas, learn from one another, change perceptions, promote health and wellbeing and celebrate diversity – all in a carnival spirit.

Northern Pride Events Ltd, a not for profit charity run by volunteers, stages this celebration each year as well as 20 other events marking key dates including:

  • International Holocaust Day,
  • LGBT History Months,
  • Trans Remembrance Day,
  • International Day Against Homophobia and
  • World AIDS day.

In 2013 it was estimated that the economic impact of Newcastle Pride was worth over £2million to the local economy. It generated 1848 bed-nights for hotels, £1.1million in additional spend and over £500,000 in positive PR promoting Newcastle and the Northeast as a destination venue.

“Newcastle Pride is not just a symbol of the importance the LGBT community plays in our city, it’s a beacon of our progressive and inclusive values here in Newcastle enhancing our national and international reputation as a great place to live and work,” Cllr Nick Forbes, Leader of Newcastle City Council.

Last year over 100 businesses supported Newcastle Pride and this year it is hoped that even more corporate and third sector organisations will get involved. Economically it makes sense as the ‘pink pound’ is worth between £70-£81billion each year and it also sends a positive message to staff, one in 16 who will identify themselves as LGBT, and customers, that you are a proud organisation that promotes equality, diversity and fairness.

“Newcastle Pride plays a huge part in the local economy and from a business sense it provides great exposure for our brand, making the economic benefits of supporting the event very valuable. It also offers a great return on investment in terms of awareness to the many thousands of people that are engaged with it,” Gary Hutchinson, 1879 Events Director.

To put pride in your business in 2014 and find out how you can get involved contact:

Peter Darrant, Darrant Creative Solutions,

0191 230 8116 or email