Jul 26 2012

Updated: Olympics 2012 North East Football Guide For St James’ Park

Olympics 2012 North East Football Guide For St James’ Park

Olympics 2012 football is coming to The North East of England and the venue chosen is St James’s Park (also known as Sports Direct Arena)

Confirmed St James’s Park Fixtures (dates, teams and times)


Men’s Football Competition:

Men’s Group B

Result July 26 – 14:30 – Mexico 0 v 0 South Korea Result
July 26 – 17:15 – Gabon 1 v 1 Switzerland Result

Men’s Group D

July 29 – 17:00 – Spain 0 v  1 Honduras  Result
July 29 – 19:45 – Japan 1 v 0 Morocco  Result

Men’s Group C

August 1 – 14:30 – Brazil 3 v 0 New Zealand  Result

Men’s Quarter-final 3

August 4 – 17:00 – Brazil 3 v 2 Honduras  Result


Women’s Football Competition:

Women’s Group F

July 31 – 14:30 – Canada 2 v 2 Sweden Result

Women’s Group G

July 31 – 17:15 – France 1 v 0 Colombia  Result

Women’s Quarter-final 2

August 3 – 14:30 – United States 2 v 0 New Zealand  Result

General Venue Information (Click here)


St James’ Park, 

Barrack Road, 

Newcastle Upon Tyne, 

NE1 4ST, England

Lost property

Contact stadium management steward by calling 0844 372 1892 and then pressing 5.

Travel Information (Click here)

Visitor Information (Click here)


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  1. Kevin Whitney

    Quarter 3 on the 4th of August. Does anyone know when tickets are available for this game? Olympic site not giving any out yet!

  2. Donna Petch

    Hi Kevin, I have my tickets, got them from the Olympic site. Have you tried this link?

    1. Kevin Whitney

      Yes Donna, I am on the Olympic site and I can get tickets for the Wednesday 26th game but not for the 4th which is a Saturday. It lets me request the tickets but then no further. It’s not saying they are unavailable and I live in Manchester so no chance of Popping to the ground.

    2. Kevin Whitney

      Got my ticket tonight after much trying and frustration over many days! Annoying thing was is on confirmation of purchase it informed me that tickets for any event can only be purchased from the Olympic site, EXCEPT FOR FOOTBALL. Still chuffed though x.

      1. Donna Petch

        Great news! Enjoy the game, Donna 🙂

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