Nov 04 2016

Teessiders now have their own ‘Parmojis’


Calling all Teessiders! Ever wanted to express your love for the greatest food on the planet via text message? Of Course you have!

Enjoy Teesside proudly present to you… the PARMOJI!

From the legendary hotshot Parmo to the dodgy Parmo you had at 4am last night you can now tell the world with our brand new sticker pack for iMessage for iOS10. But not only that, you can also throw the Queens English out of the window & respond to your messages in the only way you know how with ‘Proper’ Teessider lingo. Sound Good?

What could possibly top that? Maybe the ability to express your undying love for the “finest team in football the world has ever seen”? Obviously! So we also threw in some Boro chants and loads of your favourite MFC strips to get your messages match day ready! What are you waiting for? Get it downloaded! UTB!


It can be found by searching ‘Parmojis or Parmo’ in the Apple app store and people can visit our website Facebook or Instagram for more information.

Read more about the background on the idea itself and how it was developed here


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