Oct 23 2015

Rent A Cop documentary filmed in Darlington


Rent A Cop is an entertaining and at times funny observational documentary series following a Darlington based  private security firm and the local people who the company aim to protect.

Francis Jones, born again Christian and former professional boxer, is a man with a big personality and even bigger dreams. He is on a mission to clean up the streets of Darlington and thinks his private security business is going places. This film for BBC Three goes behind the scenes of Francis’s firm, Sparta Security and meets the local people who the company aims to protect.

No job is too small for Francis and his team of security staff. Made up of balaclava-clad ex-forces officers, part-time bouncers and a personal trainer, they mediate in neighbourhood disputes and from as little as £3.50 a week, patrol residential streets in the dead of night. At the other end of the scale they guard against grand larceny at big businesses in the area. Francis’ unorthodox methods and relentless enthusiasm mean his missions are often hilarious but also heart-warming as he goes the extra mile to help his clients.

Rent a Cop follows Francis, his staff and operations as he aims to conquer Darlington and roll out his own brand of crime-fighting to the nation.

The series will start on BBC Three on Thursday October 29th at 10.30pm.

8×30 Commissioned by Patrick Holland, Samantha Anstiss is the Executive Producer and Samantha Bickley is the Commissioning Editor. The series is produced by BBC In-house Productions