May 04 2012

Review: Metrocentre Fashion Live 2012



Last week from the 26th-29th April MetroCentre had an amazing fashion show with the newest collection from the stores. I went to the one on the 29th April at 5pm. I must say the colours were fantastic, a lot of bright bold colours but also pastels. Its good to see that these days you don’t have to be scared to mix and match colours. It’s all stylish and looks very current. The show started with Zara the style was very colourful and smart. I think one of the best ones.

Next one was Ann Summers with swim wear and dresses. I loved gold bikini it was so cute and looked perfect for holidays. I am sure you could shine on the beach. We also had latest collection for men from Aston who has a lot of brands within the store. If you looking for dress for a ball, or wedding or perhaps ladies day Paris Boutique was beautiful. There was one dress I really liked, it was light green, knee length.

Tucci was very cool and trendy as always, I think they have amazing funky style. Dorothy Perkins was fabulous, I would wear it for a night out but also to work, great diversity. TK MAXX had a great mixture of bright colours. I was very nicely surprised by Internationale they had great pastel colours and few denim pieces, I really liked this denim shorts, so cute and so this season. There was a lot of flowers going on too.

Now these two stores were my favourite, New look and Monsoon. New look had this amazing bright Pink dress, it was perfect for ladies day or to go to a party. Totally my style in every way, I would wear that any time. Also Monsoon had this green long dress vey much JLO style made by Donatella Versace.

I must mention the shoes, all the shoes were fantastic, but again you cant beat New look. The prices are fantastic and I think you can find something for everyone.

Overall I think it was nice to have a fashion show to show off what high street retailers have to offer. All great prices and to be honest with you sometimes even better than designer clothes!

We can all look fabulous at any time without breaking the bank account.

Thank you for inviting me and yes I did get a cool goodie bag too 🙂

To take a look at some of the photos I took click here to view

Alexandra xx