Apr 02 2015

Review: Newcastle Film and Comic Con 2015

Newcastle Film and Comic Con returned for a second year last weekend and didn’t disappoint! Packed with TV, Film, comic stars and PLENTLY of amazing costumes!

The event which attracted thousands of film and comic fans was held at Newcastle Metro Arena, 28-29th March, organised by Showmasters.

We were delighted to attend again this year, having previously attended last year. Arriving at 8am, the early bird queue was filling up fast, there was also a pay on the door cue but this didn’t open until 11am. It was clear there was a lot more staff than last year and the queues were labelled and well organised.

The doors opened for the early birds at 9am and everyone was in before 10am, which was a big improvement on last year. The new ticket system Showmasters had used this year had paid off!

On entering the Newcastle Metro Arena exhibit room it was apparent there was much more room to wander around. The stalls were all very high quality with some fantastic merchandise. We made a dash to see Terminator 3 star Kristanna Loken (TX) who was both beautiful and very friendly. The queues to see the star guests were very well organised and there was always a member of staff nearby to answer any of our questions which was great!

As well as autographs there were photo shoots, guest talks and cosmoplay activities. Giving the attendees a lot to plan their schedule around.

During the day I visited a lot of stalls but two stalls really stood out. Firstly there was TeamFox in aid of the Michael J. Fox foundation who were raising money for parkinson’s research. They had also brought the original clock from the clock tower in the back to the future movies for fans to have a photo with. Secondly there was Franks Autographs Storage Solutions, who helped people to store and display their autographs carefully for long-term. After a chat with Frank I discovered his company is endorsed by no other than Darth Vader himself, David Prowse! Who was said to have been so impressed with Frank’s products that he agreed to endorse them.

I also bumped into Peter and Mel from Made in Tyne and Wear, who were interviewing and filming.

Now, you can’t go to a film and comic con with seeing some costumes and there was plenty. My favourite of the day was Kryten, an amazing costume! There were soo many…. storm troopers, kick-ass, iron man, walking dead characters, batman, the joker, wally, spike from buffy, a walking game boy….to many to mention! I was also pleased to see the KITT car from Knightrider.

Please view a few of my photos taken on the day below, full collection available here on our facebook page.

So if you are a big film, sci-fi, comic. cosmoplay fan don’t miss the next Newcastle Film and Comic Con!

Donna x


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