Jan 22 2012

Singing at the Sage, a bit of gardening and a rock gig not to miss!

The “Join in and Sing” event at the Sage Gateshead was a blast. It showed me what my abilities ( and limitations) are and it was a liberating experience, a great half hour of entertainment at the end for friends and family too. I strongly recommend this event next year to anyone who needs to “find their voice”. Apart from this, no gigs attended this weekend. Instead, Sunday was spent obtaining hedging bushes for the back of our allotment. We went to Tynedale Nurseries in Mickley (NE43 7BT  01661 843263)   and got valuable advice on the best plants to use. We also had a very pleasant lunch there. Coming up soon: at the Cluny in Newcastle, we will be attending the Sonic Boom Six gig on the 6th of February. SB6 are a high energy ska/punk/rock/ragga/hiphop kind of band. Personally I think they’re great. Looking forward to a bouncing gig. And next week: a bit of Vivaldi at the Sage, not sure if its my cup of tea, but I’m up for anything me!