Nov 06 2015

“Have a heart” unique exhibition, November 16 – 22

The “Have a Heart for the Hospice” is a unique exhibition and sale of decorated wooden hearts submitted by artists, celebrities and respected personalities.

The exhibition will take place at the Customs House November 16 – 22 and through the sale of wooden hearts will raise vital funds for patient care at St Clare’s Hospice.

We plan to exhibit around 200 hearts which will be offered for sale on an anonymous basis at a fixed price. The identity of the artist will not be disclosed until after you have purchased your piece of art, although a full list of contributors will be published in a catalogue.

Therefore you will have to go with your heart (literally) and choose the heart you like as opposed to the name behind it. Once the heart has been purchased, the artist will be revealed along with a certificate of authenticity. Contributors so far include: Lorraine Kelly, the Prime Minister; David Cameron, Sheila Graber and Sir Tom Courtenay.


We are looking for volunteers to help man the exhibition for the week. Please let us know if you can help.

Take a look around the exhibition and select the heart or hearts you wish to purchase (please note if the piece has a small red dot on the description card, this piece is already sold).

Complete a heart order form with your details and heart number (order forms are available from the exhibition).

The hearts will be split into three categories:

• Tier 1 – Fixed price of £25.

These hearts are created by Amateur and Community Artists.
These hearts are created with love: genuinely made “from the heart”. In many cases hours of dedicated patience have been applied showing immense skill and originality.

• Tier 2 – Fixed price of £50.

These hearts are created by Professional Artists, Well Known Personalities and *Community contributions.
These hearts are created by Artists who make a living from their craft, some of whom have gained National and International recognition. Many of the well-known personalities have gained recognition in fields other than the graphic arts so some of the images they have kindly contributed are quite simple, the “drawing power” being their Signature!

• Specials category –

These hearts are exclusive and will be silent auctioned. Staring bids for these hearts are £50.

Only after you have paid in full for the heart will the artist of your heart be revealed.

* Hearts were classified by an art critic and put into price categories.

Opening times:

Monday 16th November – Invite only

Tuesday 17th November – 10am – 8pm

Wednesday 18th November – 10am – 8pm

Thursday 19th November – 10am – 8pm

Friday 20th November – 10am – 8pm

Saturday 21st November – 10am – 8pm

Sunday 22nd November 10am – 4pm