Apr 16 2013

Sunderland Is Alive With The Sound Of Music – 20th April 2013

Sunderland Soundscape 2013Love music? Live in Sunderland? Don’t miss this!

On Saturday April 20th 2013, several venues around Sunderland will be taken over by local musicians and bands in a massive showcase of local talent!

Sunderland Soundscape is an exciting new project, developed with a partnership between Sunderland Live and key people involved in the North East’s thriving music scene. The event will showcase some of the region’s best artists directly to the unsuspecting public. The all-day event is FREE and will coincides with this year’s National Record Store Day.


Performances start @ 12am and Ends after 11pm

Sweet Home Alabama
13.00 Cohesion
16.00 Corine Andrews

Café Nero
13.00 The Agency
15.00 Morris Ford
16.00 Sean Hainey

Costa Coffee
12.00 Corine Andrews
14.00 Tony Bengtsson

Krispy Kreme
14.00 Cohesion
15.00 Kobadelta

13.00 Morris Ford
15.00 ELI

12.00 Sean Hainey
14.00 This Little Bird
15.30 Ani Sandwith

The Bridges
14.00 Paul Liddell
15.00 The Jar Family

12.00 Hannah D’Arcy
14.00 The Lake Poets
16.30 Agerskow

The Place Cafe
12.00 Red Letters
13.00 Trevor Sewell
15.00 Paul Liddell
19.00 Corine Andrews
20.30 Tony Bengtsson

Hot Rats
Special performances from 14.30 onwards

Pure (Downstairs)
20.00 Morris Ford
20.45 The Lindsay Tin
21.30 The Jar Family

Pure (Upstairs)
21.00 Reckoner
22.00 Goy Boy McIlroy
23.00 Let’s Buy Happiness

The Ivy House
18.00 Hannah D’Arcy
19.00 Ani Sandwith
20.30 Agerskow
22.00 ELI

The Borough
17.00 Red Letters
19.30 The Agency
21.15 Blank Maps
10.30 Trevor Sewell Band

Plugged Inn
19.30 Kobadelta
20.30 This Little Bird
21.15 Cohesion

*The North East HUB will be volunteering on the day so come say hello if you see me*