Mar 30 2012

The Power of CV Accuracy

As a Certified Recruitment Practitioner working within a number of sectors, there is one thing that does not differ – Candidates and their CVs.

Whether the CVs and cover letters are submitted by recent Graduates, keen and eager for their first role within their chosen field, or a former Executive looking for a new challenge, the standard of accuracy crosses the entire spectrum.

In the current employment market, it is imperative that you show yourself in the best light. This includes the first 30 seconds at a face-to-face interview, as well as the CV you submit prior to that initial meeting. Your CV is often my first and only lasting impression of you – accuracy counts for everything.


Here are my 4 top tips for a successful CV:

• Ensure your CV is written in a font which is easy on the eye – Arial or Calibri size 10 are ideal fonts and sizes

• Check your spelling, punctuation and grammar. If your Word Processing programme does not have an automatic spelling and grammar check, ask someone to read it over before submission. The number of times a CV for an individual with ‘attention to detail and a keen eye for accuracy’ is sent through with basic errors is astounding

• Make sure things are in chronological order, starting with the most recent and working backwards

• As well as ensuring that accuracy is key in written form, ensure that you remain true to yourself and you give a true reflection of who you are


Once you are through to face-to-face interview stage, the information you have conveyed in written form, will be subject to questioning. If your CV is my first impression of you, your answers to competency and robust questioning will be the interviewer’s second! Make sure your dates are correct and that you can truthfully account for any gaps on your CV – a lot of Candidates can talk the talk, but most Employers and Recruiters are now looking for actions speaking louder than words.


Victoria Colverson CertRP, Resourcer at Exclusive Ltd.