Aug 22 2016

Tips to enhance security in the commercial environment


With recent research revealing that there were around 4.8 million crimes committed against business premises in England and Wales in 2015, the topic of security in commercial environments is as important as ever. Make sure your business and its premises are protected by following these top tips from North East technology integration specialist GPS Installations:

Lock up behind you

It may sound obvious, but many thefts to business premises occur through open doors and windows. As a result, it is important that you double-check that all doors and windows are fully closed before leaving the property unattended. Be sure to close and lock roof lights too.

An Entrance door left unsecured during opening hours will increase the risk of an opportunist theft, consider an Access control system that will automatically secure the door behind you, a keyfob or keycode will then be needed to gain access.

Be on alert

It pays to be vigilant at all times when at work to reduce the risk of your property being subjected to theft. Therefore, train all staff members to be aware of and report any suspicious behaviour or unfamiliar individuals that they spot either within a premises or around it.

Regularly have visitors to your business? By setting up a visitor management system, you’ll have the resources necessary to monitor and log every person who is inside your building.


Out of sight, out of mind

Scrap metal, tools and vital materials for your line of work — have them lying around your property and you’re inviting the unnecessary attention of thieves. Make sure that all items are locked away at the end of the day to avoid them catching the eye.

Don’t underestimate the power of CCTV

CCTV technology is advancing all the time, with various systems now available that will enhance the security at your property. 1080p HD or 4K is now the preferred resolution with crystal clear, high quality images, a huge improvement on the earlier analogue equipment that is now being replaced.

Smart Auto tracking CCTV systems are able to zoom and track a person or vehicle entering the grounds. ANPR – Automatic Number Plate Recognition Cameras will provide a log of all vehicles that have entered the area, day and night.

A networked system will give the user secure access to the CCTV from any location via the Internet, allowing you to conveniently monitor via Smartphone, Tablet or PC.

When HD CCTV is combined with Access control and a fully maintained commercial Intruder Alarm system, this will provide an effective integrated Security system for all types of business premises.

Always consult a qualified and vetted SSAIB or NSI Security Installer to discuss your requirements.

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