Apr 24 2015

Top 250 North East Twitter Influencers! We are 3rd!


A study has been carried out to characterise a north east twitter community of over 20K accounts and to make sense of reach versus relevance. The results are very interesting and I am delighted to have both our Twitter accounts list highly!

In the study carried out by Lissted’s Adam Parker over 20K north east twitter accounts were analysed and put into 10 groups including, blogger, media, celebrity, twitter networking and promotion, person, small biz….! The aim was to cut out the ‘noise’ created in twitter and find out which accounts are having an actual high influence over the north east community.

                          The North East HUB - Social Media - Advertisingnefollowers

The North East HUB @thenortheastHUB came 3rd, just under the chronicle and the journal. The study reports that @thenortheastHUB is the most influential in the ‘Twitter Networking and Promotion’ group. Whoop! This proves hard work does pays off!

Also our @NEFollowers (which has its own twitter hour Thursday’s 2-3pm) came 12th and was the top for most selective ‘twitter networking and promotion’ account. Another Whoop!

By ‘selective’ this means they’ve generated relevant followers without the need to follow people back demonstrates a degree of “celebrity” within the community.”

The top 5 are as following:

  1. The Chronicle (Media)
  2. The Journal (Media)
  3. The North East HUB (Twitter networking and promotion)
  4. North East Tweets (Twitter networking and promotion)
  5. BBC Newcastle (Media)

*View the TOP 250 Most Influential North East Twitter Accounts HERE*

As I mentioned above each account was split in 10 groups types. Please see a summary table below of results for each group with the highest ranked and highest selective (Our accounts are highlighted red):


It is great to see so many familiar faces and fab to see Ant and Dec listed top in the celebrity group.

Please take a look at the results and more information on the study here on Stephen Waddington’s blog.

Let me know below what you think of the results? Are you listed?

Last but not least, a MASSIVE thank you to all our followers on twitter and those who support what I do with The North East HUB and NEFollowers!

Donna x

MD of The North East HUB


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