Dec 26 2013

Top 3 Social Media Articles for 2014

Every year popular social media platforms develop and improve usability, making the user use them more and more. If you have a business it is often hard to choose which social media to concentrate on. Here are my top 3 articles to highlight what 2014 has in store for social media!

1. Five Social Media Predictions for 2014

This articles predicts short-from video, fans, Google +, content and paid advertising will also contribute to having success with your social media in 2014.

2. Five daring predictions for social marketing in 2014

2014 will be the year for more brand engagement, development of mobile apps and creating great content (“content is king”). With teens migrating more from facebook to other social media sites like snapchat, twitter and tumblr, you might need to reconsider where you concentrate your efforts especially if teens are your target audience!

For more visual brands, instagram and Pinterest are ideal. Also to target a more professional audience, LinkedIn might become your new best friend.

3. Nine Social Media Resolutions for 2014

9 short light-hearted tips to carry forward into your social media usage in 2014. I agree and like them all. Which do you most agree with?

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See you 2014!

Donna 🙂