Apr 16 2014

Tyneside Sofa Firm Expands to London


You would think that some companies would be scaling back or consolidating instead of expanding – especially in a luxury goods field such as furniture. After all, when people don’t have spare income to spend, they aren’t going to splash out on a Chesterfield sofa or chair for their house.

But that is where The Original Sofa Co. is fighting back. Based in Team Valley, Gateshead, the company is currently expanding its business to include a showroom in Chelsea, a prestigious area of London – and one that isn’t exactly short of some spare cash, even in the worst of times.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to find that out, especially when the company has one of the largest collections of vintage and antique Chesterfield’s in the whole of the UK. Their stock is in a state of continuous cycle, and they also are home to more than 200 pieces at once.

The Original Sofa Co. has been around for years, and their speciality is the Chesterfield sofa and chairs. They stock everything for a 12ft deep buttoned sofa to the iconic Queen Anne chairs – another measure of the success and service that they provide a customer.

The name comes from the method of production that the Tyneside firm uses – Original, meaning the same methods that were used by the profession back in the early 18th century to craft their products.

That means that all of the Original Sofa Co’s sofas are hand tacked, hand dyed and have coil sprung seats.


In fact, they are the only company in the UK that still produces their good this way – flying in the face of the industrial revolution and everything that came with it.

This all combines to give you a truly unique piece of furniture – and one that you can have as much or as little control over the manufacture of the signature range.

The North East-based company starts all of their Signature range off with a piece of beechwood, which means that the customer can have control over the look and design – if they would like to.

But that isn’t all they offer. During the crafting process, they even offer a piece out on loan while you wait for your ordered furniture to be crafted and delivered to your door, saving you the bum-ache of sitting on the floor and waiting.

With three different crafting options, designed to suit everyone’s budgets and tastes, this really is the ultimate company for anybody looking for that element of luxury.

Whatever you chose, you can be happy in the knowledge that great looks, great service and a fantastic team will be waiting for you.


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