May 08 2015

Washington’s River Bar Launch New Cocktail Menu

The River Bar in Washington introduces 12 new cocktails to it list – perfect for cooling down on hot summer nights!

Sip on summer at The River Bar, located in one of Washington’s most picturesque areas, with new seasonal additions to its cocktail menu.

Known for its eclectic menu where West Coast meets East Coast all the way down to the Deep South, its summer cocktails are no exception.


Crafted by The River Bar’s talented bar team, the new summer varieties such as the Waikiki Cooler, a cool mixture of white and dark rums, coconut cream and pineapple juice and secret-blend guava syrup, are perfect for cooling down on a hot day or starting off a great night.

For something simpler try the Gin Genie, created with a sophisticated mix of Gin and Cointreau, lengthened with apricot and mango juices. Or if you’re looking for the best cocktail ever created try the Hoochie Mama. A blend of vodka and black raspberry liquer with smooth mango sorbet and cranberry juice, topped with the finest Italian prosecco which exemplifies the tastes of the season while maintaining the unique, flavorful combinations you’ve come to expect from the River Bar.

“We are passionate about what we do and our thoughtfully designed cocktails are crafted with lots of care and attention to perfectly match our theme,” explained Simon Wright, Bar Operations Director.

The River Bar’s new cocktails pair wonderfully with its smoking food. Authentic Southern American inspired BBQ soul food. Low n slow smoked ribs and meats with classic sides like Cajun wedges and house slaw – produced using the River Bars new in-house smoker, helping to create fantastic American inspired flavour combinations.

Available now, you can sip on the drinks at the bar or enjoy them outside whilst soaking up the River’s Bar fantastic location overlooking the river. For a full menu visit