Jun 04 2012

Where does a Personal Trainer Eat Out? My Top 5 NE Restaurants

To be defined as healthy requires both regular exercise and a balanced diet, so as a personal trainer I like to think I’ve found the perfect balance between the two. In my quest to eat well I have managed to find a series of restaurants which cater for my needs.

At the top of my list is my favourite restaurant, Martino’s, Seaburn.  Martino’s has a wide range of salads which are light yet filling, allowing my body to gain a lot of the nutrients it needs. The chicken salad is a great way to get some extra protein which helps my muscles to grow and repair whilst I’m away from the gym. Swapping chicken for fresh smoked salmon provides a great source of omega oils which are crucial to promote healthy bodies.

When I fancy a change I opt for Thai food as it is a fusion of sweet, sour, and spicy flavours. Orangegrass, South Shields does the best take on the Thai green curry I have ever had. Flavoursome and delicious, yet not too bad for my body; the perfect combination if you ask me!

Italian restaurant Mambo’s is the best place to get a beautiful piece of steak. Bistecca Al Griglia is an 8oz. of grilled steak served with cherry tomatoes, flat field mushrooms, rice and salad; it is the perfect lunch for a lazy afternoon.

You may be shocked at my next one, especially given my career; however Big Luke’s restaurant located in the Metro Centre has worked closely with us at the Fitness Camp Academy to create a series of nutritionally balanced meals on their impressive menu. It’s amazing how much the Big Luke’s cares about creating a menu to match their customer’s needs, as most buffet restaurants don’t do so.

My favourite place for sushi is always No1 Oriental Buffet. This restaurant located in China Town, is more commonly associated with all you can eat Chinese cuisine. Nevertheless, I love the fact they serve a selection of sushi which I can keep going back for. A perfect marriage of rice and fish or vegetables, sushi is a healthy alternative when you’re feeling peckish.

Eating out is a sociable affair, it brings together food and friends and for me this is a perfect combination! My top five restaurants allow me to do this without compromising my healthy outlook on life.