Aug 08 2014

Whitley Bay Film Festival 12th – 25th August 2014

The Whitley Bay Film Festival

12th August to 25th August 2014

The Whitley Bay Film Festival 2014 celebrates great films, in several brilliant locations in Whitley Bay,

– A town with no cinema!

This years events include:

12th August

FESTIVAL LAUNCH 6.00pm at The Grand Hotel, Tynemouth

6.30pm – A celebration of Laurel and Hardy’s visit to Tynemouth’s Grand Hotel in 1932 with a screening of  the classic Laurel and Hardy short – The Music Box. with excerpts from unfinished play ‘Laurel and Hardy in Tynemouth’ by the late much lamented North Tyneside dramatist Tom Hadaway. With Cloud 9 Theatre Company.

8.00pm – Grand Hotel (1932) at The Grand Hotel, Tynemouth

13th August

1.00pm – The Beatles Anthology will be screened throughout the afternoon as a lead up to our visit from director Geoff Wonfor the following night (14th Aug). This is an informal screening and free. Drop in! The Avalon Bar, South Parade

7.30pm – “IT CRAWLED FROM THE DRIVE- IN” with music and film historian Chris Phipps followed by Plan 9 from Outer Space at Jam Jar Cinema, Park Ave

9.00pm – Buskers Night at the Avalon! Beatles songs welcome! Free. The Avalon Bar, South Parade

14th August

1.00pm – MATINEE West Side Story at Jam Jar Cinema, Park Ave

7.30pm – ‘City Road to Abbey Road’ We are delighted to be welcoming  Beatles Anthology Director Geoff Wonfor to this years festival. Ray Laidlaw will be chatting to Geoff about his experiences throughout production of The Beatles Anthology. …and there are many stories…! The Avalon Bar, South Parade

15th August

7.00pm – The Garage Live! unique, local, online music  programme are planning to a record a one-off special on 15th August at the Avalon with north east born music and media specialist Chris Cowey (The Tube, Top of the Pops, The White Room…). The evening will celebrate and feature local live bands and  music videos. More details to be confirmed. The Avalon Bar, South Parade

16th August

11-5.00pm. Community Short FilmsDrop in! Jam Jar Cinema, Park Ave

7.30pm – Chosen by our Patron Ian La Frenais – Quadrophenia with special guest Director Franc Roddam!!

Tickets are also available from The Whitley Bay Playhouse.

Tickets will also be available from the Avalon and Jam Jar Cinema (Date TBA)

17th August

9.00pm – Shirley Valentine at The Rendezvous Cafe

8.00pm –  Pink Flamingos’ at Jam Jar Cinema, Park Ave

18th August

9.30pm Dog Soldiers From local writer and Director Neil Marshall. This is a planned outdoor screening so is stongly weather dependent. The Beehive, Earsdon

19th August

Dream On (1991) (Amber Films), 7.30pmLocal drama from Amber Films shot in North shields. The Avalon Bar, South Parade

20th August

Opens 7.00pm – Film Themed Buskers! Hosted by Ruth Lambert, this popular open mic night will be encouraging ‘songs from the films’ as part of the festival’s activities. Arrive early if you want to play! Free. The Avalon Bar, South Parade

21st August

5.30pm – Howls Moving Castle  (Hayao Miyazaki) at St Mary’s Lighthouse Wonderful classic from Studio Ghibili.

8.00pm – “MONSTER MASH” with music and film historian Chris Phipps at St Mary’s Lighthouse

Music and film historian Chris Phipps celebrates   the  classics   of horror film soundtrack music  from  Universal’s 1940s “The Ghost of Frankenstein”  to  Hammer Films’  post war  gory  Eastmancolour  “Curse of Frankenstein!” ,  and all  the horrors  in between..Followed with….Night of The Demon (1957)

22nd August

6.30pm – Moby Dick (1956), St Mary’s Lighthouse

9.00pm – Escape From Alcatraz (1979), St Mary’s Lighthouse

Arthouses 5-11pm. Film and video in houses, gardens and interesting spaces around the town. Free

23rd August

8,00pm – Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘Spellbound’ (1945) @ St Mary’s Lighthouse

24th August

Secret Cinema….shhhhh clues will be given….gradually..

8.00pm, The Stagg Do @ The Avalon Bar, South Parade

FNA Films presents an exciting new ribald comedy set exclusively in the North East. The Stagg Do – the feature debut of American ex-pat James DeMarco.

25th August

GREASE on the Plaza

Film Starts 9pm. FREE!! Open air, outdoor screening on the Plaza, Whitley Bay. Come and enjoy the ‘summer nights’ …..

With thanks to Capita Symonds

Please note/ More events are to be added shortly. ….

Tickets: We are a voluntary team organising the festival with a very limited budget. The festival needs to cover it’s costs through ticket sales. We try to keep these as low as possible.  We also try to ensure that people can buy tickets without having to book online so will be holding some back to sell in venues around the town including The Avalon Bar and Jam Jar Cinema. More information about this will be released on Friday 18th July. Thank you for your patience.

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